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French Dancer Dives Into Canal After Being Denied By Club

Well that is one way to get back at the bouncer....

Not where he jumped, but a canal in Manchester

On the anniversary of the French winning the World Cup in 1998, a French dancer decided to celebrate the only way he knew how – being really dramatic. According to the Manchester Evening News, last night in Manchester, a man was denied from a nightclub and to protest the action, he decided to jump in the canal right next to the nightclub. The GPM City Centre Twitter feed says he did a “grande jete” into the water and had to be fished out, “cold and wet… but otherwise uninjured.”

Getting rejected by a club is always a rather unfortunate event; especially if you made promises to someone about entry, but in a big city, just move on to the next one. People have been known to do all sorts of things in protest to being turned away from a club, mainly directed at the bouncer. Diving in a canal is a first. It probably was good entertainment for those still waiting in line or for those in the smoking section. 

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