Austin-based producer Prismo has been making waves in Texas, playing the circuit of clubs and concert halls around the state, in addition to dance festivals in the state such as Middlelands, Lights All Night, Free Press Summer Fest, Day for Night and Euphoria Music Festival. With a growing arsenal of upbeat melodic trap, Prismo is ready to expand his growing fan base well beyond The Lone Star State. He just released his new single “Smile” and to celebrate he released the third volume of his Drop it Low Mix series for us and we spoke to Prismo about it, SoundCloud, singing and his future.

If you peak down to the tracklist, you will notice A LOT of IDs. Beyond “Smile,” 14 of the 15 tunes in here are unreleased. So if you want to see what the next several months or even year of releases will sound like for Prismo, play this mix. Then come back to it as a reference as it may have been the first time you heard your future favorite song.

1. Prismo - ID (feat. Dylan Matthew)

2. Prismo - ID

3. Prismo - ID

4. Prismo - ID

5. Prismo - ID (feat. Shreya)

6. Prismo - ID

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7. Prismo - ID

8. Prismo - ID

9. Prismo - ID

10. Prismo - ID

11. Prismo - Smile [Lowly Palace]

12. Prismo - ID

13. Prismo - Bright [Available August 22nd]

14. Prismo - ID x Kaskade - “Disarm You” (Acapella)

15. Prismo - ID (feat. Dylan Matthew)

If you were the CEO of SoundCloud for one day, what change would you make?

I would immediately sell the company and use my remaining assets to start a new platform with more room to grow and solve the profit deficiency.

How long have you been singing? Do you have vocal training?

I’ve been singing for several years now and I'm self-taught! I just started thinking about getting vocal training though. I'm always trying to get better!

You premiered your live show at Middlelands a little over two months ago. Are you going to make that more of a staple for shows or something only for special occasions?

I plan on do live drums, keys, and vocals at almost all festival or stadium sets. Most club gigs will probably be DJs sets though!

How did you pick the songs in this mix?

I wanted to showcase a lot of my unreleased material, so I just threw together everything I had in the vault!

What else do you have coming up?

I'm lining up a lot of new music releases, music videos, and tour dates. I'm going to be releasing a lot of great material to push the brand a step further.

What is something people might not know about you?

Two things people are always surprised by:
I was studying engineering at Texas A&M before I decided to do music full time! And I'm 6'4 (no one expects me to be tall haha)

MM: Rate your manager’s new pup.

13/10 so h*ckin cute. I'm happy to be uncle Prismo

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