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Magnetic: A Letter From The Editor

Your new Managing Editor says hello
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As some of you may have noticed there is a new guy delivering the latest and greatest from the world of music. That would be me, Ryan Middleton, and I am the new Managing Editor here at Magnetic Magazine.

Magnetic Magazine is one of the leading voices in the world of electronic music and the world of music at large. Taking charge of that is no small task and I am honored to do that. We pride ourselves on delivering quality, unique content to our readers who have come to expect the very best from us since the site’s inception. Whether it is premieres from some of the best DJs, singers and rappers across music, interviews, playlists, guest mixes or relevant news, we do our best to keep you informed and bring you the best tunes weekly.

You can read my bio for more information on me, but I have been an editor and written for other music publications and bring that experience here. Being in New York City is special for the dance music world plugged into one of the hotbeds for dance music globally with an endless supply of events nightly across the city.

Approximately once a month, I will bring you some hot takes, musings, what have you, from the industry to help recap what has been going on and give some perspective.

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DJ Mag: If you follow DJ twitter, you will have noticed DJ Mag top 100 has started. This year the begging for votes appears to be a little quieter than in years past, which could be because I culled my feed to avoid many of those DJs or that people recognize that real data is more important than a poll. There will still be some who ask for your vote and you can do that is you want – we won’t judge, but its significance is waning. It is useful for bookings in some markets, notably Asia, and some exposure, but otherwise, trying to scam your way to the 63 place may not get you the same ROI as years past. North American bookers just don’t care about your DJ Mag place compared to streams, fans and past tour performance. So pay attention, or don’t, that is up to you, but it is clear that the poll’s might has significantly diminished over the past year or two.

Festivals peaking?: It seems like every year that there is the discussion of whether or not the festival market has peaked. There are the optimists who say that there is still room for growth and point to revenues for the giants like Live Nation and AEG, while some small independent festivals continue to flourish. However there are signs that things are taking a hit. Over the past few months several festivals have been canceled including Karoondinha, Pemberton, and of course Fyre. Each have their own unique set of circumstances, so comparing them all together as equals isn’t fair, but next summer could mark a year where we see bookers start to pay more attention to music trends and create more unique experiences across the board.

Sexism In Dance Music: Sexism reared its ugly head publicly. In a Groove Magazine profile, Konstantin, co-founder of techno label and collective Geigling, made comments to the reporter where he made the claim that women are worse than men at Djing and get more promo than men. It sparked the conversation about underrepresentation of women in dance music and sexism in a genre that is supposed to be about inclusion. The conversation seems to be moving slowly, but if it is harder for men to be misogynistic in music or anywhere, then that is progress. 

If you want to send me music, have any comments or concerns, talk about how France is going to win the World Cup or just want to say hello, you can reach me at

Thanks For Reading,

Ryan Middleton,
Managing Editor

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