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Man Dies Outside Of Ultra Europe After Trying To Swallow Bag Of Weed

The man was running from the cops
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Split, Croatia

Yes, that headline is correct. A 24-year-old man died late July 16 near the grounds of Ultra Europe 2017 in Croatia after attempting to swallow a bag of weed. He was running from the cops and attempted to swallow the bag, but it got caught in his windpipe and he suffocated.

According to Total Croatia News, the man was approached by officers outside of Poljud Stadium and asked for his ID. They suspected him of drug possession. He started to run, but the cops caught him and handcuffed him.

During his brief escape, the man swallowed the bag of weed, but died at a nearby hospital. An autopsy has been ordered and an investigation is under way. It isn't immediately clear if he was there to attend the festival.

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