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Maya Jane Coles Unveils Sophomore Album 'Take Flight' Release Date, Tracklist

This will be the follow-up to her 2013 debut, Comfort.
Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles released a five-track EP just a few months ago, but that was just the teaser to her sophomore album Take Flight, due out in August. Officially announced today, the London-based artist has unveiled the release date and tracklist for this heaving 24-track work.

Take Flight will be the official follow up to her 2013 debut, Comfort. Coles produced, engineers and mixed all 24 tracks on the album, in addition to designing the cover art.

She released her debut Comfort in 2013, in addition to a self-titled LP in 2015 under her Nocturnal Sunshine alias.

“Cheery Bomb” and “Won’t Let You Down” from her EP in April will both appear on Take Flight, which is due on August 25 via I/AM/ME via Skint Records. It will be available as a double CD / Heavy Weight 3 x Vinyl Box Set or in digital. Also a limited Deluxe Hardback Book CD format will also be exclusively available via Maya’s artist store. Find the complete tracklist below and revisit the two singles from her EP. Pre-order the album here.


01. Weak

02. Bo & Wing

03. Old Jam

04. Take Flight

05. Darkside feat. Chelou

06. Lucky Charm

07. Blackout

08. Unholy

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09. A Chemical Affair feat. Wendy Rae Fowler

10. Misty Morning feat. Wendy Rae Fowler

11. Keep Me Warm feat. GAPS

12. Let You Go

13. Won’t Let You Down

14. On My Way

15. Go On And Make It Through

16. Cherry Bomb

17. Chasing Sunshine

18. Golden Days

19. Werk

20. Passing Me By

21. Trails

22. Stay

23. Pulse

24. Starlight  

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