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Viberate Wants Musicians To Get Paid For Shows In Cryptocurrencies

Viberate wants you to get paid

Getting paid to play music in any capacity is difficult. Making it a full-time job is almost impossible. The revenue streams are always shifting and are consolidated among the top performers. Live music is where artists can earn the most money and getting paid for that can be a challenge still. One company is hoping to add options for musicians in a world where government issued currency is not the only thing on the market. Viberate is a new company that allows artists to get paid in a variety of cryptocurrencies.

The company offers musicians the ability to get paid in Bitcoin, Ether or their own currency, Vibe. There are already 120,000 profiles on the service with names like Robbie Williams and Linkin Park among those listed. There are also music venues and event organizers. UMEK is one the company’s executives. 

Viberate does not operate in recorded music – a place where a lot of blockchain and cryptocurrency research and money has gone. The company used to just operate as an analytics service for DJs and other musicians, but now has expanded its offering. It has, dare say, pivoted

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It has been supported by the European Commission's “Music Moves Europe” initiative as well as the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. Find out a little more below and head to their website to sign up.

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