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Nexe Records Celebrates Inauguration With Three Massive Remix EPs

The EPs will include remixes from some of the most forward thinking names in techno
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Starting your own label is a lot of work. Making it past that first-year mark is also a lot of work. How about 5 years though? And to top that all off, what if it was only your own music? That's a lot of work. After 12 EPs between the two, NX1 has decided to launch a new label, and turn the reigns over to some of techno's heavy hitters, for a 3-part EP series, featuring remixes from the likes of AnD, Orphx, Blush Response, Ontal, Samot, P.E.A.R.L., Scalameriya, and more. If you've never heard of any of these people, well, that's a shame. If Carl Cox or Drumcode is your first thought when thinking of the genre, you might consider these acts to be underground. However, for those of you who have been paying attention to my Lights/Out Selection podcast, you'll definitely recognize some of these names.


I'm going to be 100% honest. I love techno. It's my bread and butter, my heart and soul, but so much of what has been going around has become rather stale. In fact, Dense and Pika just wrote an article on it, in which they talk about the "plastic techno sound". To be fair, this happens to nearly every genre that gets popular, and it's nothing new. Fortunately, with genres like techno and dnb, there will ALWAYS be forward thinking individuals and groups that will continue to push things forward, no matter what. That's exactly what NX1 are showcasing with this upcoming first EP. The remix artists that have been chosen, perfectly showcase the broad spectrum of techno, and the first release hits hard. 

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First up, NX1 - 010, remixed by RE_P. It's a more cinematic take, that would be perfect for a set opener. Enough grit to let you know things are about to get rough, but still atmospheric as to ease you into things. Next, we have Go Hiyama and their non-four on the floor mix of 023, it's powerful, but not too overdone, and has a nice funk to it. Things get interesting with the Ontal remix of 019. Honestly, I don't really even know what to say about this one, other than it could be a useful way to end a set or prepare the crowd for an encore. Rounding things off, and my personal favorite, we have the relentless remix of 026, by the mighty AnD. They've been making quite a name for themselves recently, and this remix is a perfect example why. It's fucking raw and intense, and any other menacing adjective you can think of. Full on, peak time ripping techno. 

The NX1 Remixed #1 will be available September 4th, on both vinyl and digital, via Nexe Records.

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