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Review: Odyssey RemixMK2 Backpack

The legendary flight gear maker is back with a sleek new bag, perfect for your portable DJ needs

In today's DJ culture, live and/or hybrid sets are extremely common. Some form of Ableton and Traktor, or CDJS, or vinyl, where people are changing things up in real time. In addition to the hybrid setups, DJs are playing more tunes in more places than ever before, thanks to the mini and extremely portable DJ controllers such as the Pioneer WeGO. But, finding a way to carry all this gear around in a discrete way is a bit of a challenge. There are loads of brands with backpacks out there that can do the job, but as well as Odyssey? The legendary creator of the flight case?

In this review, we will be taking a look at the company's newest backpack, the RemixMK2, in the standard size specifically. Its sleek design, mixed with rugged materials makes this a real winner, and it's got loads of space for all your gear, without making you look like a mountaineer. To start things off, we'll take a look at the overall look of it. It's a square shaped, with two main zipper sections and a discreet stash pocket on the back. It's 7" deep, which may not seem like much, but in the pictures below, you will see that it's more than enough. Obviously, there are some limitations, but for what most DJs would be using this for, it's ideal.


Opening the front panel reveals a headphone pouch, cable straps, a tablet/electronics pouch, and two tough, somewhat weather proof zip pockets for storing USBs, more cables, and whatever else you'd want. I say somewhat weatherproof, as the backside of the pockets aren't lined with the same material, which could be a good idea for future iterations. Also, if you have something in there, like cleaning fluid, it won't leak out and create a mess. A note about the headphone pouch: it doesn't seem to work too well for headphones that don't fold. The will fit, as you can see from the picture, but if your cans can fold, it's better.


Moving on to the main compartment, one thing I'd like to acknowledge is something very small, but much appreciated, which is the lockable zippers. It's the little things, you know?


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In the actual compartment, you're given ample space for multiple controllers or synths, a laptop pouch, a small zip pocket on the outside of that pocket, a strap to lock your gear in place, and an option pad for separating your gear or adding more protection on top of it. I was actually surprised to find that I could put both my Korg Monologue and Eventide reverb pedal in this pocket without any fuss. And it zipped up very easily! I didn't use the strap in the pictures below, but it's under the synth. I was surprised to see that even 2 channel mixers can fit in here. THAT is impressive. 

You can see the pad separating the top of the Korg from the bottom of the Space

You can see the pad separating the top of the Korg from the bottom of the Space

Just to show how big the reverb unit is

Just to show how big the reverb unit is

I remember seeing one of these bags back at NAMM this year, and really liking everything about it. Now, what good would a review like this be without some real-world testing? Well, I used this backpack when I played at EDC, and I can assure you it definitely holds up perfectly. Granted I didn't take much with me, but even still, I was thoroughly impressed. The last bit that I really love about this backpack, is the little stash pocket in the back. In a dark nightclub, most wouldn't even see it, should you be worried about people trying to steal your stuff. Always keep a watchful eye on your gear! It's not huge, but it's got plenty of space for your wallet, phone, and anything else you don't want in your pockets while you play. 


So final thoughts on the bag? First off, I love the overall design. I'm really into minimalism, and other than a small red patch on the front, and tonal branding on the sides, there isn't much going on. It's got more than enough space for most DJs, and it's not a massive sack on your back. Add in the somewhat modular main compartment, that can fit a surprising amount of gear. All this at a decent price of $119.99, and the legacy of Odyssey makes this a real winner. 

Pros: Sleek, rugged, and more than capable of doing its job. 

Cons: None

Final Score: 9/10

For more information, and a complete list of gear that fits, click here

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