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One Of Daft Punk’s Early Roland TR-909s Is Up For Sale

The piece of music history can be yours if you are willing to shell out some serious cash at an auction.
Daft Punk

Daft Punk

Ever wondered how I could sound like Daft Punk? Well that might be possible because the Vintage & Analogue association is now selling one of Daft Punk’s early Roland TR-909s. Used by Thomas Bangalter, the piece of equipment still has the original “Revolution 909” sample loaded onto it from the group’s debut studio album Homework.

There is no official price listed on the Roland TR-909 because it is more of a collector’s item than anything. However, it is being sold to the highest bidder at the moment.

Check out the photos to see the piece of drum machine that helped make one of the greatest albums in dance music history and then watch a video that shows the sounds it can make. 

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