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Party Likes It's 2009: The Bloody Beetroots & Jet Made A Song Together

Italian food and drinks will make anything happen
The Bloody Beetroots & Jet My Name Is Thunder

Turn back the clock to 2009 because we have a throwback collaboration for you. The Bloody Beetroots have released a new song with Australian band Jet (remember them??), who broke up in 2012 and then reformed in 2016 and this is their first song since reforming. The new collaboration is title “My name is Thunder” and the title does not lie with storming electro synths over powerful drums and Nic Cester’s vocal. It is a loud and surprising return for the group.

"I knew this song needed a certain rock tone... a tone like Nic Cester of Jet had. We thought instead of someone 'like Nic Cester,' how about we get the real Nic Cester! Thinking he would be in Australia, it was fate that he lived just a couple hours away from me in Italy. I found him," says The Bloody Beetroots' Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo in a press release. 

"We worked together, ate together, drank together and created something very powerful together. Around this time the Jet guys stared talking and thinking about getting back together, when Nic shared this with his bandmates, the idea came up to have ALL of Jet involved. Because of our different influences, we had different ideas on the mixing and from that we came up with two versions. It's the best of both our worlds!"

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So there you have it. Italian food, booze and Italian scenery will get just about anyone to do anything. That includes one of the most random and unexpected collaborations you will probably see this year. 

Pick up the song here.

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