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MIXTAPE: Playhouse - Bad Intentions

Playhouse Releases Infectious Debut Project With "Bad Intentions"
Bad Intentions

2017 has been a year of different waves within the hip hop community. For better or worse there is 50 lil Pump’s for every Kendrick Lamar. Cali rapper Playhouse is flying under the radar but don’t expect him to lay low for too much longer especially after his debut project Bad Intentions which he released over the weekend without any announcement.

We first caught wind of his “Play Wit U” which at first listen sounds like a track off of Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It's Too Late” but realized that this lyricist is the internet’s next hidden gem. After exploring more because of the infectious cadence and polished beats we discovered “Hollywood” produced by MLVN. Don’t take Playhouse’s kind retro look for weakness because the kid has hooks for days

While most kids his age are on Summer vacation or bussing tables at a local restaurant, this Cali kid has been laying the groundwork for a long career. Bad Intentions is a nice introduction from the 19 year old rapper as he talks about his personal life having fun and unloyal jits. It’s a flawless playlist from end to end party music from the pregame all the way through to the after party. The production on the project is solid and hard hitting. Up and coming producer MLVN has his hands on every track and had help from Death Right and Karma Rhythm to name a few

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Better Not Ask” and “Worth It” were both released ahead of the mixtape and shows the kids range each with their identity while keeping Playhouse’s signature sound stamped over it. “Anti Cupid” is a sleeper on the collection but is an absolute banger that feels like it should be on it’s Travis Scott or Ty Dolla $ign’s project.

This project shows Playhouse’s relentless arsenal and we absolutely cannot wait til he takes this body of work on the road. We expect once it happens that it will be a pretty ridiculous one

Listen to Bad Intentions below. 

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