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Arma Del Amor is a New Zealand born duo made up of Martine Harding and Danny Fairley. Prior to coming together in 2013, Martine had spent most of her musical career as an acoustic artist. Danny produced hip-hop and electronica as Civilian Sol. Together their nascent influences swirl in unison to form a blend of hypnotic soul and heart stopping bass.  They've harnessed that power masterfully with their latest, "Taking Back the Sea." 

Rich and emotive pads lay the groundwork for Martine's powerful vocals to soar magnificently. The combination of acoustic drums, percussion, gracefully alluring synth work and powerhouse vocals is something that is truly unique. It speaks to the organic meets electronic nature of the duo's dynamic. They've crafted palpable moments of tension and release both in their breathtaking production work and the stunning visuals that accompany the piece in their video. 

The haunting and strikingly beautiful video- funded by New Zealand On Air, a public broadcasting service- is set against the backdrop of New Zealand's picturesque landscape. 

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