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Premiere: Denney Revisits Mekon 'What's Going On' For Instant Classic

Denney has a summer hit on his hands

British DJ and producer Denney (no not the wonderful chain purveyor of breakfast food here in the States), has been putting out some heat recently and things are only getting hotter with his new release. His latest is a reprise of Mekon’s “What’s Going On” and makes it one of the best house tracks you might hear this summer.

Already bestowed the highest honor by Pete Tong & Danny Howard, “What’s Going On” has a chunky, danceable groove that comes at you at a frenetic pace. That is only accentuated by the old school vocal telling you to “bring it on.”

We caught up with Denney to see how he got this sample and what else he has in the pipeline for this year.

"What's Going On" is now out on FFRR.

1. What is your favorite club to play in Ibiza?

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It was always DC10 but a few weeks ago I played Amnesia for the first time which was amazing. So I would have to say both of them equally now.

2. Why did you go back and reprise Mekon’s What’s Going On?

I always loved the original record and it was something that I thought would be fun to do, mainly for me to play in my sets. I managed to track down Mekon 6 years ago and hounded him to send me the vocal. A year later he gave in, found it on a DAT and sent me it. I did about 4 different versions over the years, but they weren't right to what I had in my head. I revisited it again last year and managed to get it's been a long process this record.

3. What else do you have coming up this year?

I have more original music forthcoming on Relief and Crosstown Rebels as well as remixes on Elrow and Repopulate Mars.

4. What are your musical & TV guilty pleasures?

Musical guilty pleasure has to be old rave music, which is what I started playing out when I was 13 years old. TV is definitely The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air...I absolutely love it!

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