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Premiere: Francesca Lombardo Unveils Gripping New Techno Single 'Terra'

Taken from her upcoming two-track EP Terra out tomorrow
Francesca Lombardo

Italian producer and DJ, Francesca Lombardo, has been putting out a wide variety of music for nearly two decades. The industry veteran has returned to her Echoe label with a brand new two-track EP titled Terra. We are proud to bring the title track to you a day early as a premiere.

The tune features a slew of elements that build and blend together into one 8 and a half minute epic. It starts with a rolling bass line and the Lombardo slowly adds processed vocals, arpeggiated keys and atmospheric fx. All together it creates a gripping song that doesn’t get too busy and also works well for one of her sets.

The single will be out tomorrow, July 27 and in addition to that, we chatted with Lomdardo about labels, her conservatory schooling and what she has coming up. She will be coming to the US for a few gigs in August, September and November, performing in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and New York. Find the complete list of dates and ticket info on her Facebook.

How was the experience of Lokomotiv Recordings helpful for Echoe?

I had my very first release on Lokomotiv “Mama Cocha”. When I listen to the track now I actually wish I could remaster it, as I think it could sound so much better. Lokomotiv was a friend’s record label, so all was done in-house, I even did the release graphics myself. I have great memories from that time in London, when Brick Lane, Shoreditch and East London in general were at its peak. I wish I could go back and do it all over again! It was all part of the journey for sure.

How do you choose when to release something on your own label or on somebody else's?

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I listen and if it touches me the first time then I know it’s the right music. It’s very clear in my mind what the music on the label should sound like, the same goes for Echolette, so it’s quiet easy for me to know when something belongs, be it my music or someone else’s.

How did going to conservatory help you making techno?

Studying classical music and learning to play various instruments definitely helped me get the basics as a musician, singer and producer. I think it influenced the way I write and solidified my love of melodies in music. The experience allowed me to create my own mark and sound, which I feel at times can be more musical.

Take the listener through this new EP.

“Terra” and “Fragole” are the two tracks that most represent my sound right now.

“Terra” is more melodic and focuses on a main sound and my vocals. It’s a very simple track with an old school feel yet I still think it’s innovative. The vocals were recorded and then processed in a way that prevents you from hearing exactly what I am saying, which I kind of like hehe. It allows people to play with their imagination when listening to the lyrics.

“Fragole” is synth madness and very groovy. It reminds me of older techno music and I made it with my favorite synths: Minimoog and SH101 using a sequencer.

What can fans expect from your upcoming shows in the USA?

A lot of new music from my label, which I’ll be playing in upcoming sets. I’ll also be doing some live shows with an all-new band. 

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