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Premiere: Freejak Unveils Chunky New Single 'Jamaica'

Freejak brings back the famous "sexiest man in Jamaica" for one more spin on this new original.

UK DJ and producer, Freejak, has been making some headway racking up support from DJs across the spectrum like My Digital Enemy (MDE), Afrojack, Diplo, Oliver Heldens and BBC Radio 1. He is ready to continue that trend with a new single “Jamaica” on Somn’thing Records, which we are proud to premiere.

The new dancefloor-driven cut is a chunky bit of tech-house with the “sexiest man in Jamaica” sample by Prince Buster that has been used by plenty of DJs including Mint Royal. Freejak gives that sample new life with a modern and thumping bass line that will bring people to their feet.

We also caught up with Freejak for a few questions to find out why he decided to use this sample and how he approaches remixes versus originals.

"Jamaica" will be released on July 7th. 

MM: Why did you use this “sexiest man in Jamaica” sample?

This was a sample I always loved. It's so cheeky but cool, I love its tongue in cheek arrogance. But more so it was great to cut up into little sound bites for loops and textures.

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MM: You are a prolific remixer as well. How different is your approach to remixes verses originals.

I guess the obvious difference is time constraints. With remixes the labels tend to set very strict schedules. Where as my own projects I can work on, play them out in the clubs, return to it again tweak it, play it back out. And try to really find the bits that work and connect better.

Also in terms of remixes I really try to keep a flavor of the original in there, otherwise to me it's not a remix its a different production altogether. This is particularly my important if you are remixing a classic, they're classics for a reason so I try not to reinvent the wheel.

MM: What do you look for in potential samples?

I don't particularly go out of my way to find a type of sample; it’s more like they find me. I have avidly collected a cappellas, breaks & loops for 20 years or more now and regularly sit down and just play stuff and see what slaps me in the face. It's all about timing though I could find a great sample but the timing might not be right for current trends so I might sit on it for a few months or years even. But obviously anyone else could discover the same idea and use it before you, so there’s a balance to be struck there.

MM: What else do you have coming up this year?

So there are a few things coming up now and in July. Obviously there is the Jamaica track on Somn'thing Records. There are remixes of Vice "Obsession" who is currently one of the worlds most listened to artists on Spotify. This week my Official Remix of DJ Jean "The Launch" went live. There are remixes coming for Tom Zanetti, Kristine W, Aaron North and Lonyo, this summer. 

There is also my next collaboration with newcomer Safety First featuring incredible vocals from BB Diamond that will be out on New State later next month. And I have something in the pipeline that I can't talk about, but hopefully could be a game changer, if I’m lucky ;) So lots for me to look forward to.

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