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Following tunes by Cari Lekebush, Sonic Future and Warren Fellow, Tulipa Recordings new EP titled Mooca comes from Swiss artist Garance. The lady from Geneva has delivered already 30 + tracks throughout her career. Her colorful techno is flourishing nicely in her home town and is quickly spreading in the USA. This is Garence’s 2 EP on Saint Louis-based label Tulipa.

As she explains it all started for her back in 2005 as “music became her vocation and she decided to tend her own electronic garden.” Her talent as a DJ took her on numerous tours in neighboring France but also all the way to Brazil, Germany and of course her home country of Switzerland.

We chose to premiere “Speedwalking,” a classic Tulipa sound featuring hypnotic vibes, arpeggios and mystical pads. The synths layered during the song give also a progressive feel to it along with a powerful kick drum. “Mooca” the A side includes remixes from Javier Orduna and “Speedwalking” features a remix Mattus Raman. Mooca EP has a total of 5 tracks, “The Magic of the Winter Night” is the B side and when you play it, you will hear the winter of Geneva or at least picture it easily in your head. As label head boss Brendon Collins always provides some nice words with his releases and we can share this more existential piece with you:

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“Care package placed within a station wagon. Focus on the twitches of various tellers. Sand dollar puffs through a filtered lens. A dream to crash the party. The jackal out of touch. Mornings underneath damp branches. Invest and worry. Songbird plus mournful stance. Tear seclusion. A fairy tale funeral. Nap time on the rings of Saturn. When dozens were expelled for stashing the jackpot. Beached stylus. The morphed cattle. Close the deal on hibernation. Powerful steak. A middle fever. Woods shifted to the left then right, man. Neighborhood crisp beard society. Punch for a handful of flour. Bachelorette vignettes. Something paved the way for talent phasers. Scold the well-oiled green thumb.”

Imagery is one of Brendon’s best assets as a writer and pairing with some of the best techno producers like Garance, the result is stunning.

Mooca EP drops on July 28.

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