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Dutch DJ De Hofnar, real name Jeroen Maas, is ready to release his most ambitious project to date. The Armada Music signee is gearing up to release his debut artist album Kings & Queens. We are happy to premiere the title track for you today and dive a little deeper into what to expect from the LP, which he describes as “best music I’ve made in my life,” with a short interview.

The single is one of his most mature productions to date. It has leanings towards laidback dance-pop, but doesn’t fall into the trappings that you hear smattered on the radio or on streaming charts with over processed vocal chops. It still remains solidly within the familiar realm of his smooth dance, tropical sound, but rolling 808s and the vocals from Bodhi Jones make this better than most.

We caught up with De Hofnar to find out a little more about this album that will be released on October.

1. What can we expect from the album?

The album will be more pop influenced. There are a lot of different genres, which I combine and mix up, but they still have a De Hofnar sound in it.

This project was the first time I could explore a lot with different stuff. With an album you got the opportunity and freedom to go 'out of line' with the normal expectations of your music.

I think that’s also what I want to show. I am making things that makes me happy and am not thinking about which genre or which way the album should have gone. Just playing around with it, and if a track turns our more r&b or more indie it's all okay! As long as the tracks are awesome and this album is, to my opinion, the best music I’ve made in my life!

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2. How long did the album take to make?

It took me 1.5 years. I hoped it would have been quicker, but with touring it was sometimes difficult to make enough time for the album. Then with the added pressure of trying to find creativity with little time to do so, doesn’t work well as a trigger! That's why I decided to do only a few shows in 4 months time -- to just focus on the album. That was also difficult for me because it was the first time I’d had so many studio days in a row, but it was the best thing to do.

3. How did you choose the collaborators on the project?

We did a lot of writing sessions with a lot of artists. Some worked out and some didn't. It just depends on the chemistry you have in the studio. If there’s great chemistry, it can progress really fast with a track, but sometimes you're working on a track and you just cannot find the right artist to collaborate with.

Eventually if I hear someone is talented, I always want to do a session. Maybe strange to say but I’m not that picky! I want to see everyone in the studio and see what they can do with my own eyes before I can say if somebody is good or not.

4. What other plans do you have for the rest of 2017?

Going on tour! I have a quite busy 2 months coming up with gigs in Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany.

For the rest of the year I’m working on some new remixes. I just want to keep going and a remix always is a nice opportunity to be busy in the studio. I won’t want to go out of the studio for a long time. Just easy laid back producing at the moment.

For the rest I of course hope that my album will be received well! 

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