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Premiere: Ivan Dorn Dances Through Absurd Cheer Competition In 'Beverly' Video

Ivan Dorn brings together disco, house and pop on this album single
Ivan Dorn

Ukrainian-born pop singer Ivan Dorn has released the music video for his new single “Beverly.” The video is an examination of cheerleader competitions, which occasionally make their way down on the dial of sport channel listings. It takes what should be wholesome, American affairs and flips it into an absurd event with girls getting hurt, smoking in bathrooms and burning each other’s hair. Everyone is slightly robotic as they go through the motions of the competition.

“’Beverly’ is a music thriller, which keeps you in suspense for the whole song. It displays varied moods to the listener. One of the best guitar solos I’ve ever heard is in this track (don’t get me wrong, not just because it’s mine haha),” Dorn tells Magnetic. “Also as an author I could say that the best track is that one which is written without any pressure, so that’s exactly about 'Beverly!' As for video - it’s one of the most pink themed music videos I’ve ever done!"

The tune itself is one of the funkiest things Dorn has put out yet with a mix of ‘70s disco, pop and house and is a sign of things to come on his upcoming album OTD out worldwide in November.

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Stream the premiere below. 

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