Ladies and gentlemen, first off happy Friday. Second, we have a high energy house premiere of "Keep It Moving" by Tom Rogue & Ryke featuring Kriss Kiss that has an absolutely wonderful little homage to Beverly Hills Cop - most likely unintentional, but still, I hear it. With that being said, it does have a timeless sensibility about it, and it's a good fit for 2017 with a classic groove.

"Keep It Moving" released on Liftoff Recordings is the first collaboration between Tom Rogue, Ryke and Kriss Kiss. They clearly have more good music coming down the pipeline, so tune in and don't miss a beat.

"Tom Rogue, Ryke, and Kris Kiss make their Liftoff Recordings debut with an energetic house record clearly made for anyone who likes a proper late-night party. Keep It Moving” takes a cue from the U.K. dance music scene with it's vocal approach, yet still has the classic Chicago-house groove at its feet," says Nick Ditri of the Disco Fries, owner of Liftoff Recordings. "

Even though this song is mixed for the sound systems of 2017, “Keep It Moving” has a timeless sound that will still likely leave its mark on dance-floors for decades to come. Aside from all of that, the trumpet solo will melt your face!"

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