Premiere: Lupe Fuentes, DJ Rae Unveil Collaboration 'Reachin'

The single will be released tomorrow, July 28th, via Fuentes' In The Loop
Lupe Fuentes DJ Rae Reachin

UK producer and singer DJ Rae has teamed up with Lupe Fuentes to unveil their new collaboration “Reachin’.” Released on Fuentes own label In The Loop, the gritty track has one thing on its mind and that is the dancefloor.

The tune is grounded in a sturdy bass line and grinding electro saws that give the song another tougher dimension, but don’t overwhelm into a electro house track. DJ Rae’s vocals inject a bit of soul into the tune.

"Working together with Rae on Reachin’ was truly like a breath of fresh air. We have very similar music sensibility. I have always been a fan of Rae’s amazing vocals and production. We are both people that love to collaborate, and when we started sharing files back and forth, ‘Reachin’ came together very quickly,” says Fuentes. “That is how my best productions had come alive, effortlessly. If it’s taking too long, I always stop and work on something else."

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“I've been supporting In The Loop since the label started up. Lupe and I connected and sent some ideas back and forth, this beast of a track grew from my vocal, which harps back to the house I grew up with that really inspired me," says Rae. "It’s the first time for me co-producing with another female which is great and between us, I think we’ve produced a stand out track. I’ve road tested it and it goes off. I can’t wait to get this one out there."

“Reachin’” will be released tomorrow, July 28 via In The Loop Records. In the meantime, check out the full premiere below. 

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