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Premiere: Mahalo - Perfect ft. Cat Lewis [In/Rotation]

Could you ask for a better way to turn the summer heat up even more?
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It's hot. Very, very hot. While most would prefer the temperature didn't continue rising, Mahalo disregards your pleas and drops a 2 track EP on Insomniac's In/Rotation. The title track, Perfect features the vocals of Cat Lewis, and is a smooth and grooving record that will absolutely be doing work on the dancefloor. The vocals have a bit of a 90's feel to them, laid over a clean cut deep house backbone, for an easy breezy vibe. A nice thick bassline serves as the undertone, with a simple percussion section and floaty, airy melodies and arps. 

If there's a takeaway message here, it's that everything you do is perfect. Which we agree. You are wonderful. Except for that one night, you drank a little bit too much and we got into an argument. But, we still love you anyway. Mahalo - Perfect ft. Cat Lewis is out now. Stream it here. 

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