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Russian producer Proxy made a name for himself in years past as a producer who was comfortable producing indescribably strange and off kilter beats that were incessantly danceable. After a long break the legendary beatsmith who's held down remixing duties for the likes of Moby, The Prodigy and Boys Noise returns with yet another bass forward offering that will undoubtedly melt faces. This time he's teamed up with AC Slater's Night Bass imprint, even jumping on a collaboration with the label boss, for a new EP titled Sirenade.

The Sirenade EP is three tracks of strange and dirty mutant funk. Proxy wastes no time drawing you in with a sub smashing 808, piercing lead and haunting chords on "Sirenade." The darkness continues with "I Feel" and it's militant stomping bass and alarming top line that feels like it's ripped straight out of a sci-fi film. He closes it out with a bouncy tech-influenced colabo with Night Bass head honcho, AC Slater.

We caught up with Proxy to find out what he's up to these days and what he sees for the future of dance music.

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Tell us about the new EP, what does it mean to you and how did it come about?

This EP means a lot to me, it's a first step in the evolution of the whole project, musically it's more like coming back to my own roots to the time when I started Proxy around 2006 when I was looking that single idea in the track using very little amount of sounds but at the same time these few noises can be sounded in a very unique and powerful way.

Your music has always been incredibly unique, how would you describe it?

It's the "different" sound as I prefer to call it. A fusion of techno, electro and bass house. Whatever works to me. Everything ends up with my own personal signature in the end. Some sort of unique sound or memorable vibe in the groove. I try to make everything powerful and unique.

Do you have any other collabs or unique EP's coming up?

Yes, a couple more collab EP's are planned for this fall. I can't tell you more about the names yet, but they are completely different musically than this one with my bro AC Slater. Always trying to go as wide as I can, so hopefully music lovers from different worlds can pick one for each of their tastes. Of course, [I have some] upcoming originals that are the next level.

What tunes are working most for you currently?

I'm dropping my own tracks "Raven" and "Dance In Dark" in every set I'm playing, funny thing about these two is they are timeless and it feels like if I'm not playing them - I'm not really Proxy and you know, after all these years they still working so good.

Where do you see electronic music heading in the next few years, is there any significant you'd like to see happen?

A couple of years ago when the EDM was huge I think people ate this too much, so many DJs played big track after big track and I can't imagine how hard it was to jump with the hands up all night long. Everything was getting boring and the music needed to change and it is changing. People are bored of the noise and looking for something easy and relaxed, fresh.


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