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Premiere: Rhythm Masters Mix Hifi Sean, Crystal Waters 'Testify' Into Funky, Vocal House Jam

Defected Records have another monster on their hands
Hifi Sean

There is something about a house beat with a soulful female vocal that tickles the spine of house heads. Hifi Sean set the stage and Crystal Waters added to spine-tickling vocal. Then they called in Rhythm Masters to hit the remix out of the park.

Rhythm masters bring out the best in the original and make it even funkier. The soulful vocals still shine over a funky bass line and jogging percussion.

Hifi Sean explains how the original between him and Crystal waters came to be.

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"I was introduced to Crystal when I was writing the album Ft. by a good friend of mine, the Chicago Dj Ralphi Rosario. I spoke with Crystal and let her know how much I loved her voice, and that I would love to collaborate. What I had in mind was a 3-minute, classic soul 7" single, that fades in a classic kind of fashion, but would also have some original twists to make it unique. The collaboration started soon after that, which is always a good sign. We clicked and it was all so natural that it seemed like the song wrote itself.”

He notes that the song has seen some great responses thus far when they perform it live.

“There's every indication that ‘Testify’ will be one of those special songs which will be around for a very long time.”

The song is being re-released with this remix along with one by Sandy Rivera on Defected Records tomorrow, July 21. Pick up the record on Beatport and stream it below.

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