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Premiere: Starita Shares Emotional New Single 'Lights On'

Starita teams up with Trevor Hall on this single from his upcoming album

2-time Grammy award winning producer Starita has worked with the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Childish Gambino and Michael Franti. A behind the scenes guy for the majority of his careers, the Jackson, Mississippi native is ready to step out from the shadows and put out his own project. He is gearing up to release his debut album For The Record in the fall and we are here to premiere the latest single titled “Lights On” featuring Trevor Hall.

Trevor Hall’s smoky voice flows over the Starita-produced instrumental with an emotional blend of percussion, guitar and piano. It is slow and uplifting compared to his first single “Rules” with Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest, which was much more of a funky, danceable tune.

The song comes from a very emotional place for Starita.

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“I’ve always loved broken beat garage. So, I started with an inspiration of doing a kind of shifty broken beat groove. For the instrumentation, I wanted to smooth it all out with lush chords and moody sounds. And while it’s a fun dance song, it is rooted in a very deep and dark space. While working on the track, I got a call from my mom about my aunt’s funeral. She died from cancer that stemmed from a broken heart of losing both of her children and another child in a train collision in Mississippi. She left behind my uncle, who was beside her casket in his wheelchair holding her hand in uncontrollable tears. He just wouldn’t let go of her hand. This was all very serendipitous; the coming together of what was happening in my family and the evolution of this song,” recounts Starita.

“My writing partner, Trent Park, and I knew this was the story we had to tell with this song. Trent and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like for my uncle to return home that evening after the funeral to an empty house. And this was how ‘Lights On’ came to be. Even though it is a dancey kind of tune, it tells a deep story about something we will all experience...loss of a loved one. Then the obvious question was ‘what voice is going to embody the depth and emotion of this song?’ Given my past work with Trevor Hall, I knew I had to ask him to deliver the vocals. His voice is something that can’t be explained….only felt. He can convey emotion so easily and honestly. His voice IS emotion. I’m so grateful and proud of what we’ve collaborated on. This track does continue on the theme of the EP and pushes us all out of our comfort zone."

The upcoming album will showcase his deep roots in funk and dance music and have features from artists like Trevor Hall, Mamel from Los Amigos Invisibles, Madame Ghandi and more. 

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