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Premiere: Stiv Hey Unveils Brooding Techno Single 'Descent'

We also chat with Stiv Hey about the upcoming EP and more
Stiv Hey

Rising Italian techno DJ and producer, Stiv Hey, is gearing up to release his three-track EP titled Interference and we are here to give you a little taste of what is to come. We are happy to premiere the EP’s second track “Descent” with its chunky bassline and brooding synths rumbling in the background.

Quickly spotted by Dubfire and signed to his SCI+TEC label, Stiv Hey has already earned support from the biggest names in techno. In addition to the premiere, we chatted with Stiv Hey to find out a little more about the song and his plans for 2017.

Pre-order the EP on Beatport here.

MM: What is different or better about this EP?

This EP is showing a new sound I developed during the last year and a half. More Techno and melodic. As soon as you hit “play” you notice a big difference from my usual sound.

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MM: When making a song, what is a key element you are always looking for that would make it ready to be released?

There are so many steps to go through before a track can be “ready to be released.” I feel the most important is the “hook sounds” selection, a couple of elements that will hook the listeners and will make the track memorable to them. They can be FXs, vocal samples, a particular groove, melody or baseline.

MM: What has been the general reaction from others live to these songs?

MM: Everyone is excited about this new sound! I’ve been testing these tracks in all my sets since early 2017, and they work very well on the dance floor (“Interference” in particular).

MM: What has been the highlight of your year so far?

The highlight of my year until now has definitely been my first tour in China. I would have never expected so many fans attending the shows and to have such great support there.

MM: What are your plans for the summer, any other productions coming?

I have 2 more weeks before I finish the intense tour, which started in February. The last gig will be at Cacao Beach in Bulgaria the 7th of July. After it I will be focused in the studio to finalize around 10 new projects I’ve been writing on the road. So expect new music coming out in the winter.

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