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When you think about Indiana, you probably think about corn and soybeans, not much else. Indiana is definitely not the top state producing or hosting electronic music. However, that does not mean that there are not artists coming out of Indiana that deserve attention. Indiana has a rich culture of supporting local and statewide artists. You can drop yourself into any venue and see an overwhelming drive for music. From this support, grow artists that are able to push themselves out of the corn and soybeans into venues across the nation.

One duo that has come out of this culture is JSquared, Josh Ravesloot and Josh Ramos. While the two grew up in the same town, went to the same high school, and even hung out with the same mutual friends, it was not until later, after high school, that the two came together. They both claim to have not been close friends until one day they both shared their love and devotion for music in listening to Pretty Lights at North Coast Music Festival. Even though, Pretty Lights is nowhere near their genre of music, the authenticity of Pretty Lights’ music and the unifying vibe of the electronic scene drove them to make music together. They found a home listening to and creating electronic music.

JSquared 2

Above: JSquared playing at Spring Awakening Music Festival 

Jsquared say that their inspiration comes from Pretty Lights but not because of the genre of music being produced by Derek Vincent Smith (Pretty Lights), but they are inspired by his passion for his fans and dedication to his own brand and music. This same passion and dedication is what drives Jsquared and one of the reasons we feel you need to start listening to them. While the duo still has growing to do in their music, they have locked into a genre that they feel needs attention. 

When you delve into their SoundCloud, you will find remixes and original songs. JSqared’s music is niched into trap and bass genres. Trap is believed by man to have originated in the 1990s as a sub-genre to hip-hop in the southern part of the U.S., however it seems as trap is evolving in electronic music that it has moved far and far away from it’s roots in Southern Hip-Hop. JSquared is doing their part in reversing this. The duo seems to make an effort to incorporate hip-hop and rap into their music, bridging the widening gap between the dividing genres.

When listening to the duo’s music you can feel the purity of their love for trap-bass. They strive to include remixes of popular artists into their own sets while incorporating music of their friends that we may not have heard of before. One of our favorite songs is a remix of La Bouche’s “Be My Lover,” featuring their friend and Chicago local, Malcolm Flex. 

La Bouche’s song “Be My Lover” is a 1990's techno-house, Eurodance classic, which is not even close to JSquared’s genre of trap. However, the three brought this song back to us infusing it seamlessly with their own style. JSquared has layered an ominous, yet beautiful sound of hi-hats and kick drums to reinvent La Bouche’s already iconic song. The only thing is that we wish there was more.

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Today, JSquared has released their newest single off of their EP that will come out this following Fall, “We Brought the Party.” This track, again, features their friend and continuous partner Malcolm Flex. With this song, they hope to draw their fans and new listeners into their energetic lifestyle of never giving up on a good time. This song fits their personality perfectly. When we met up with the group at Spring Awakening Music Festival, they never stopped. They would jump from stage to stage listening to some of their favorite music and supporting other artists, all the while stopping with fans and friends to say hi. Never once did they slow down, only bringing the party with them wherever they went. This song is only a step in the tall ladder of where they are heading next. It was released today on their record label, Rorschach's SoundCloud. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for the full EP this fall.

While we love the duo’s energy, passion, and music, the aspect of the duo that we love the most is their interaction with the fans. You always try to find what makes an artist different compared to all the others, and the duo’s family vibe is what sets them apart. There are artists that have a loving and caring aspect to them, but for some reason it seems that JSquared outshines the others. As soon as you meet the two it’s as though they have been your friend for years.

Both of the guys invest their time fully into you and the others around them, trying to learn as much about their fans and new listeners as their fans are trying to do the same. The duo has been known to buy busses and rides for their fans in order for them to get to their shows. They push the limits in order to just get their fans to see them and party together. In an industry that can be very cold at times, they are warm. It makes their music that much more powerful to all around them.

JSquared Spring Awakening

Above: JSquared preparing to play at Spring Awakening Music Festival

Since Spring Awakening and their first major debut on a main stage, the duo has blown up, now receiving offers from venues and festivals around the nation. The next big festival for the group is Dancefestopia with many shows along the way. Next time you see them on a line-up, check them out!

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