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Rinse FM's SoundCloud Account Taken Down, Then Reinstated -- Again

SoundCloud's problems with content owners in a nutshell
Rinse FM

This case study is probably a microcosm of SoundCloud’s problems. The service will take away your content without warning or a very good explanation and then give your account back a few days later after some arguing as if nothing happened. This has happened once again to UK tastemakers and radio station Rinse FM. The station had their account removed for what they thought was the final time and then reinstated just three days later.

Rinse FM hosts many of their radio shows on SoundCloud from artists all across the world. It is one of the best repositories of mixes on the service with artists from all across music joining the station. The lack of a clear and consistent copyright framework has frustrated many content owners on the service who can see their music removed, even the songs they themselves own. It is unclear if SoundCloud will ever get this straightened out, though it needs to as soon as possible to keep creators happy.

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