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Roli Showcases Blocks Power With Two New Videos

Whether you're on the go or want to create the ultimate controller, Roli's got you covered.
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Roli has just released two new videos that perfectly illustrate the power and versatility of their Blocks series controllers. In the first video, Roli shows you how to create a full track using nothing but Garageband for iOS and their Seaboard Rise Block. Check out the video below. For an in-depth guide to setting up your Rise Block with your iPhone, click here.

In the next video, which the company has called 'BLOCKS: The instrument that grows with you', Roli lets the Blocks system's power really shine, by showing different configurations, and all their possibilities. Whatever your preference is, Roli's got you covered. And with more and more companies adopting the MPE technology, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Watch BLOCKS: The instrument that grows with you, below.

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