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Seven Acts We Can't Wait To See at FYF This Year

From Nadia Rose to Tiga to Missy Elliott, FYF has a little something for everyone.

FYF is finally upon us, and with it will come an eclectic mesh of hip hop, techno, pop, and more. It's the festival for the cool kids in Los Angeles, and the lineup manages to reflect some of the most talented voices of today's generation, capturing hard-to-get acts that often get missed in the region's bigger festivals.

While we love all of the names on the list, there are a select few we're absolutely ecstatic about catching at the festival. From the underground Nadia Rose to the rarely-seen Motor City Drum Ensemble, the incredible list of artists at FYF is only one of the many reasons why the festival has stationed itself as such a quintessential event for LA's coolest music kids. 

Check out the list, and our special playlist below! 

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