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Six Quick Ways to Raise Some Funds For Your Festival Habit

Earn quick cash in your spare time or simply play it smart and save big!
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Whether you’re setting up your tent in a muddy field or dancing away on a sun-kissed beach, one thing all festival-goers will need in abundance this summer is cash.

The cost of tickets, travel, clothes, food and alcohol alone can all soon start to add up, putting a rather costly dent in your bank account.

To make sure you’ve got enough cash to get you by this festival season without a worry, we’ve come up a quick list of ways to get cash, fast.

1. Sell Unwanted Items Online - aka Ebay IT!

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As the saying goes, one person's trash is another's treasure. We’ve all got items in our home that we’ve outgrown, replaced and haven’t gotten rid of, or simply do not use. 

Rather than leaving them to depreciate, why not put them up for sale to make some cash? You’d be surprised how in-demand an old tablet, gaming console or spare Apple iPhone will fetch on an online classifieds site. 

2.Take Up A Part Time Job In The Gig Economy - You gotta Wooooork. 

Uber, Lyft, Upwork - The jobs are out there

Uber, Lyft, Upwork - The jobs are out there

On-demand jobs, such as driving for Uber, allow you pick up work when you need it. This is ideal if you’re just looking to earn a little extra pocket money for an upcoming trip or festival.

There’s also now a range of online freelancing sites, such as Upwork, which allow you to showcase your skills and connect to potential employers, from all over the world.

3. Get Paid To Review Websites & Apps

Review it, get paid!

Review it, get paid!

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Chances are that you browse the web and use apps on your smartphone or tablet on a daily basis.

That, according to websites such as, makes your personal opinion on technology valuable. They pay $10 directly into your PayPal account per feedback session you provide, for each testing session.

4. Enter Competitions (Seriously)


Thanks to the laws of probability, the more competitions you enter, the greater chance you have of winning.

Yes, it’s unlikely that you’ll scoop a huge, jackpot prize instantly. Even discount codes and coupons can help you cut back on everyday costs, to save for festival season.

5. Make A Budget


One of the easiest ways to save money quickly for a festival is to budget, in the weeks leading up to your event of choice.

That might mean some simple cost-saving sacrifices, like leaving your credit card at home on nights out, making your lunch at home, and using a list for your supermarket shop.

6. Plan Ahead And Save 


It’s always best to book plane, train, or bus tickets in advance if you want to save money on the cost of any travel.

If you’re going to a festival with a group of friends, plan beforehand who’s responsible for bringing certain essentials such as sunscreen, toilet paper, or even a bottle opener. The cost of such items can rise substantially once you’re on site.

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