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Skrillex Teams Up With Poo Bear For Cheery 'Would You Ever'

Skrillex and Poo Bear deliver a danceable crossover tune
Skrillex & Poo Bear - Would You Ever

Skrillex has been relatively quiet in 2017. He released his collaboration with Habstrakt “Chicken Soup” as a part of the HOWSLA compilation in May, but his normal prolific output has slowed for the first half of the year. Now he has collaborated with accomplished songwriter and Justin Bieber collaborator Poo Bear on a cheery new single “Would You Ever.”

Old fans of Skrillex who are clamoring for him to get back to dubstep (stop), won’t get their wish on this one. He brings together elements of funk, house and pop with a jogging bass line and soft synths, while warping Poo Bear’s vocals in a way that doesn’t sound like the millions of others who have made the vocal chop overused.

It probably won’t be the “song of the summer,” or whatever else you may here, but it is a damn good dance song that has some crossover appeal without being super obvious about it. Pick up the song here.

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