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Count Down To Stranger Things Season 2 Soundtrack With New Comic Con Trailer

Stranger Things will return to Netflix on October 27th

Netflix’s TV show Stranger Things was great for many reasons. It had horror, mystery, great acting, a riveting plot and amazing music that captured the spirit and era of the show. The series released a new trailer over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con and things are getting darker and weirder for our friends in Hawkins, Indiana.

The trailer teases our cast of heroes still fighting the good fight against monsters from the Upside Down that continues to haunt Will.

It ends with a potential return by Millie Bobby Brown whose character Eleven ended Season 1 going into the Upside Down.

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Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon of the band Survive are on board to create the soundtrack for season 2. In a March interview with The Vinyl Factory, Dixon said the show would be “a bit darker and weirder,” so you imagine the soundtrack will reflect that.

The Season 1 soundtrack was released in two parts in August last year. Season 2 soundtrack date release date has not been announced.

The TV series will return to Netflix Halloween weekend on October 27th. 

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