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Stream: Faruk Orakci - Step EP [Nite Records]

Next up on on Nite Records, a double dose of rough and tough house
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Los Angeles based Nite Records has been putting out some real quality music lately, and this latest drop from Faruk Orakci keeps the train moving. A two-track EP featuring some very well pieced together house that has enough edge to get your eww face going, but a proper house beat that keeps you moving. This is something that takes time and practice to achieve, as it's easy to overdo such sounds. Fortunately, Faruk seems to have no issue with this, as the minimalistic vibe really allows each element to shine. 

Starting it off with an almost Arabesc melody and a catchy vocal hook, it then turns in to a well-built fidget tune that retains a sense of clarity and precision. The B-side goes a more minimal route but prevents you from getting bored with low growls and a real thick beat. Props to for nailing the low end on this one Faruk!

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Faruk Orakci 'Step' EP Out Now
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