Every now and again I will be bringing you a short E.P. review of varying sounds from across the spectrum of 140bpm. These might be artists that have already solidified themselves deeply in the scene, or newcomers emerging from the depths. My aim is to push the sound of 140bpm and show how it can be bended and experimented with.


The first speckle of evidence that I heard of this collaboration happening was when I received a snapchat from Compa about a year ago. It was only a 8 second clip but on hearing that dark, groaning brass partnered with Footsie's instantly recognizable vocal, I knew he was in the process of making a track that will definitely stand the test of time.

Footsie on set of the 'No Hype' video shoot.

Footsie on set of the 'No Hype' video shoot.

Compa - No Hype (Featuring Footsie) :

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From the offset this track emits a deep, urban feeling, reminiscent of the early grime sound. Compa has perfected this instrumental with absolute authority. A dark, militant brass seeps through from the distance during the intro, mixed with some very sparse high hats. Then Footsie's voice jumps into action on the drop giving the entire track even more life than it already has. Footsie is an absolute OG within the grime scene and has been involved since the very beginning. The collaboration of these two artists is quite breathtaking to be honest.

Various sub-bass keep this track centered, containing the brass perfectly, and with Footsie's voice, which is almost like an instrument in itself, this riddim will definitely go down as a classic. Massive tune from these two and I am very excited to hopefully hear more from them in the future.

Compa - In Check.

The flip to No-Hype is absolute mucktion. 'In Check' is a scary, murky number, encompassing both stormy weather sample's and an eerie male vocal that slips in and out of the track at various point's. Compa's used a skippy drum beat layered over a dark, reverberating bass-line that bombard's you with darkness every time its heard. Massive instrumental this. Keep up to date with what Compa is doing musically here, and what Footsie is doing here. You can still purchase this E.P. through iTunes now, so go cop it.

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