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It comes as no surprise that the tech community runs deep here in Austin, TX. You can barely throw a rock without hitting a CS engineer, that is if you catch any of us outside of our caves. For nerds, it really isn't our style to go out to a crowded bar and listen to top 40. What does excite us, however, is a challenge. Enter SUBstance TX and their "Innovation Underground Sessions" party at Dozen Street. On top of a line-up chock full of local tech-nical DJ masters, ranging in style from techno to dubstep, is a veritable bounty up for grabs. From the Facebook event:

Outside, we will be setting up a private network on a new wireless router and a Raspberry PI installed into a locked box along with the $100 Fry's gift-card. If you can hack into the router, the Raspberry PI, and deface the default Apache webpage, you get the keys to the lockbox!

Bold strategy cotton, let's see how it pays off! The flier for the event is embedded below.

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