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SVCRED Is The New Festival Clothing Brand With A Purpose

A lot of festival clothing sucks. This doesn't
SVCRED Clothing

Let’s be real – EDM festival clothing pretty much all sucks. Whether you are some bro wearing a “YOLO,” “party with sluts” or “where is molly” shirt (when was that ever a good idea?), or clothing that just looks bad or uncomfortable, there isn’t much on the market that appeals to a wide audience. SVCRED is trying to change that with a new brand that appeals to people of all types, championing the roots of electronic music, goth and gender fluidity.


The company is currently raising money through a Kickstarter campaign and appears to be well on their way to be hitting the goal of $10,000 raised. We chatted with the founder Thomas Clayton about why he decided to start the company, inspiration and what his vision for the future is.

MM: Were there other clothing brands that you drew inspiration from when designing this?

Definitely inspired by Youth Machine, Boogie Made, Dolls Kill, Opening Ceremony, Zanerobe and Le Beau. Even before she launched her line, I kept a close eye on Mija. She's one of the people I credit for revolutionizing streetwear in the electronic world.

SCVRED Techno Shirt
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MM: How were you able to source your clothing from sustainable factories?

We did a lot of research into international factories, and were eventually linked with one, which has excellent representation in the U.S. They are professional, responsive, and fully transparent. They filled me in on the fact that their Guatemala operation started as a way to provide steady work for unemployed women in the surrounding area. I have also been invited down there to brainstorm production problems face to face. Ultimately the trip wasn't necessary, but I don't think a factory with a shady operation would invite their clients down to their facilities.

MM: It is kind of explained in the video, but when did you get the idea to start this?

It was while attending festivals in 2010 and onwards. I was seeing lots of shirt saying stuff like "Party with Sluts" and "Where's Molly?" And I have nothing against drug culture, but to me, the evolution of electronic music is fascinating, beautiful, and entirely sacred. It is about so much more than just partying and drugs. And granted we have a shirt that says "COKE, $$$$, WORK" - but there is a deeper layer of meaning embedded in that design– about material pursuit and what really satiates us on an existential level.

Eventually this idea of reverence expanded into addressing social issues such as redefining gender roles and destigmatizing mental illness.

SVCRED 808 Shirt

MM: How big of a line do you plan on creating?

The sky is the limit for us. Of course we have to watch our bottom line because a business is a business, but we plan on expanding into a variety of styles & industries, all of which tie back to electronic music in one way or another.

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