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The Lights/Out Selection Gets Rough And Tough For Its Dirty 30

Thirty episodes in, and we are just getting started

Every other Wednesday, I dig deep through my record collection to bring you the freshest cuts from across the globe, with sounds ranging from ambient, to pop, to hard techno, in order to create for you a mix like nothing else around. All genres of music are welcome, and there are no rules. If the music is good, it gets played. Lights out heads down, this is the sound of the world's underground.


Thirty, the big three-zero. The golden age for most people these days. There's something special about it really. You've left your youth fully behind, but at the same time, you're now ready to live it up like you always dreamed. Or, at least that's what I would imagine it would be like. Today, your favorite show its 30th episode, and things are really starting to get exciting. It's always fun to listen back to some of the first episodes and to see how far we've come sonically. The content has shifted, but the message is the same. If the music is good, it gets played. Simple as that. In this episode, we hear tracks from Amelie Lens, Uner, Plastikman, and so much more. Lights out heads down, this is the sound of the world's underground. 


1) UNER - Skylon (Monkey Safari Remix)

2) Annanan & Maroje T. - I Saw You  

3) Plastikman - PK

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4) WYAD - Moonchild

5) Fur Coat - Sustain (Slam Remix)

6) Amelie Lens & Farrago - Circling The Sun 

7) Stephen Brown - Deep In (Len Faki Deepspace mix) 

8) Shlomi Aber - Under Two Worlds

9) Abstract Division - Out Of Alignment 

10) He/aT -  A Sorry State Of Affairs

11) SLV - Tars

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