Summer festival and desert camping can be amazing but there is always the morning heat to contend with that can make staying up late a bit rough when the sun rises. Often tents can quickly rise to almost 100 degrees inside making it impossible to rest, the Ohnana fixes this issue with it's clever design and ventilation.

The Ohnana Tent was created by festival goers, for festival goers, and prevents unwanted, hot sleepless mornings when the sun burns through the outer layer of normal tents. With the Ohnana version, the special design reflects the heat and light, keeping the person inside nice and cool.

“We made this tent for people who want to make the most of their festival experience,” said Wouter van der Meij, Founder and Owner of Ohnana Tents. “With Amsterdam being the EDM capital of the world, we’re no strangers to tenting out for experiencing the best DJ performances we can witness today. Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn from uncomfortable sweating, festival goers can guarantee perfect sleep for a fun day ahead.”

ohnana tent

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How much cooler you might ask? The Ohnana tent stays 24ºF cooler than conventional tents. Through the tent’s reflective coating on top of two separate layers of 170T polyester, infrared light is reflected, preventing the tent from heating up to unbearable temperatures. The polyester material has a unique coating that reflects the heat and the sunlight, being used on both the outside and the inside of the tent. Additionally, the material is waterproof, so tent users will also be effectively protected from the rain.

Light it up and with the LEDs and cool it off with a fan. Nice. 

Light it up and with the LEDs and cool it off with a fan. Nice. 

Passionate about natural airflow, the tent comes with windows located in the inner tent so users have privacy and cooled down convenience. Plus, the tents come with built-in fans, powered by 3 AA-batteries or a power bank. The fan mode with one-power bank charge provides users with a breeze for hours, and also dually functions as a source of light, equipped with 12 LED lights.

Roll out easily with this handy carrying bag w/ strap.

Roll out easily with this handy carrying bag w/ strap.

When the festival is over, the Ohnana Tent easily folds down and comes with two straps for being carried as a shoulder bag, backpack, or handbag. 

To Score Your Ohnana Tent on the first round hurry to their site to back them, great deals to be had.

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