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This French Startup Wants To Make Pressing Vinyl Affordable

Getting your rare vinyl pressed has never been easier
Diggers Factory

The vinyl revolution is fueling some artist’s careers that have the backing and resources to press their music on the format. However, many don’t have the resources to take that first step and get vinyl pressed even in a small batch. A French startup, Diggers Factory, is looking help out those who couldn’t get vinyl press before.

The on-demand service requires the artist, label or music company to get a pre-order of only 50 copies at the minimum and at that point, the vinyl can be pressed and mailed to fans. Diggers Factory specializes in indies and rare batches.

To get this done, DF sources vinyl from factories across Europe and then monitors them for quality and turnaround.

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All the artist needs to do is provide the files, artwork and set the margin and then Diggers Factory will handle the rest.

Read more about how they can help on their website.

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