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Tiga Asks What Happens "When You Don't Kill It"

Tiga shares an introspective post about a bad gig and the idea of being perfect every night

Canadian DJ and producer Tiga is asking a question that many DJs don’t talk about in public, “what happens when you don’t kill it?” He is referring to a set.

In a retrospective post after a gig in Rome, Tiga spoke on the fact that it isn’t that uncommon for DJs to have bad nights, they just won’t write about it.

“How about when you are what is actually wrong with the party,” he writes. He goes on to explain that the culture of ego can get in the way of important self-reflection about what went wrong. “They should still bow down to my REPUTATION and go crazy and scream and clap.” The DJ and the crowd just aren’t connecting and that is on the DJ.

It is nice to see a DJ show another side on social media when every post about a gig is unwaveringly positive. It is safe and makes fans feel appreciated, but if the gig went badly, and just about everyone knew it, Tiga’s point is that admitting your mistakes isn’t the worst in the world. DJs are human too. Everyone has a bad night. 

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