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Had a weird little wobble at Lovebox Festival this weekend past. A questioning of my faith you might call it. The Executioner's only London set - it left me cold. Not physically of course (there was much sweating), but I did not lose my absolute blinding mind to his set - and it caused me great concern. Was it just a more general set? Is my taste for disgusting D&B simply regressing futher? These are my only possible conclusions for what might have occurred on that fated day. 

But then! My clammy mitts were laid on the likes of the S.P.Y track below, Friction did me a favour and went nuts in the foliage, and Bensely pulled one out of the bag. Panic over, you can all stop breathing into your paper bags. The love definitely lives on. 

Manchester massive guest chart from last time.

"Mad In The Jungle" - Friction ft. Doctor [Elevate Records]

Who better to chat shit about Friction's tune, than the bad man himself - "I grew up on jungle. Going to raves like AWOL and Telepathy, listening to original jungle DJ's like Ron, Randall and so many more. I sat down in the studio one afternoon and wanted to write my interpretation of a modern jungle tune and pay homage. After a few hours I sent a loop to Doctor and he came back to me straight away with a melody idea for the vocal and we were away. Really pleased with how it's turned out!" - Friction. So there you go.

"Get Down" - Blaine Stranger [Viper Recordings]

Between last tune, ‘Chat Shit, Get Banged’, and the title on this one - the way Aussie Blaine's getting along he won't be a stranger for very long! 

"Guess What" - Joe Ford [Shogun Audio]

J. Ford unleashing madness here. This is the guy that I overheard a girl in a bathroom stall claim was a warm up act for good reason. Well - to that girl - suck on this turnip!

"Tetris" - Bad Company [RAM Records]

The classy combo of dBridge, DJ Fresh, Maldini and Vegas are at it again navigating the waters between old and new turf with signature skill and bombacity.

"Fade into the Night" - Cyantific [Viper Recordings]

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Ensuring that he will not do what the name of this tune suggests - Cyantific solidifies his traction in the scene with another 80's vibe whomper stomper.

"Face Hugger"- Insomniax [Viper Recordings]

Hold on to yer' butts (and probs also your face)! This Insomniax ditty is designed to give you the Friday freakies.

"Talisman" - Whiney [Hospital Records]

Keep your peepers peeled for next week's guest chart with Whiney - based on his audio prowess here, I'm confident he'll be throwing down some choice wisdom.

"Cold Wave" - S.P.Y [Hospital Records]

This is the kind of track that refreshes my puppy-like enthusiasm for the drum and the bass. All hail S.P.Y - you devilishly talented man.

"Slither" - Bensley [RAM Records]

Bensley's back on board and snaking his way around my icy cold little heart again. 

"Jungle Jungle" - Bladerunner [Get Hype Records]

Everyone's bloody kicking round the Jungle! Bladerunner is interestingly not an 80's Arnie Schwarzenegger twiddling the decks, but a very good British producer. Now you know.

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