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Totallee Releases World's Thinnest Leather iPhone Case

After their world first Jet White case, the company adds a touch of leather luxury
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The last time we spoke about case-maker Totallee, we showcased their Jet White iPhone case, which turned your iPhone into the Yin to Apple's Jet Black Yang. The case was thin and unobtrusive and created a nice subtle sheen that didn't look cheesy. It worked best with the white iPhone but worked for any of them honestly. Well, the company is back and pushing boundaries once again, unveiling the world's  thinnest leather case. 


It follows along the lines of the Scarf case, but I honestly like it a bit better because it has more ridged edges that will protect your phone a bit better. The black leather adds a sleek matte look to your phone and keeps things nice and light. Like the other Scarf cases, this isn't the case for those who drop their phones constantly, but if you're not one to let your phone unintentionally leave your hand, at $29, this is a pretty sweet deal. Sure Apple has their own leather cases, but even though they too are thin, they don't compare to what Totallee provides. Will they come out with more colors? Who knows, but what I do know is that the case comes with a two-year warranty. To grab your own leather case, visit Totallee's online shop

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