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Watch A Supercut of Boiler Room's Strangest Moments

Boiler Room is a weird place...
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10 Gifs Showing Why Boiler Room Attendees Are Kind of The Worst

Boiler Room can bring out some strange people. Whether it is those in attendance, or those who are playing the music, Boiler Room has seen some strange moments on camera. Luckily for us, it has been preserved for posterity on YouTube and the internet never forgets. The YouTube account People of Boiler Room decided to make a supercut of some of the strangest moments in Boiler Room history without having to flip through their massive archive and watch whole videos.

The videos range from people being almost completely silent and still like they are being led on a religious meditation to downright absurd such Anklepants of course making the list with his penis mask or DJ Scotch Egg who has a lot of Gameboys and fries an egg. Art is very strange sometimes. 

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