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We Just Found The Perfect Backpack For DJs & Electronics Nerds

Meed the Lexdray Ibiza Backpack, the perfect travel companion for those on the go
Lexdray Ibiza DJ Bag

Lexdray Ibiza DJ Bag

It's summer time, and that means it's also travel time. It's the perfect season to throw all your gear in a bag and head out on the open road, skies or seas to get your summer travel and festival fix on. 

If you are like us, you are constantly on the lookout for the perfect bag to put all your gear in. Carry on luggage needs to be sturdy, light and well designed to make the cut for us and we think we found the perfect bag to handle our valuable electronics and camera gear. 

High-end bag company Lexdray sent us their Ibiza DJ bag for a test run, and over the course of two weeks, we lugged this thing around with a drone, camera, computer, cords and even some clothing stuffed in there. We might have found the perfect bag for our type of traveling, below is an interview with Lexdray founder Alex Drayer and our full review and thoughts on the Ibiza DJ bag from Lexdray. 

Alex Drayer of Lexdray

Alex Drayer of Lexdray

Q&A with Alex Drayer founder and creator of Lexdray

The bag/luggage market seems to be a bit crowded, what led you to start up Lexdray in such a competitive environment?

 AD: I started working on Lexdray in 2009, and we launched our first product May 2011. At that time, the market was less competitive, and funding platforms like Kickstarter were less in the forefront. Either way, it sort of began as a passion project. I really just wanted to create something I could call my own. 

Many travelers are always in search of the perfect bag. What is your definition of the perfect bag and what do you look for personally?

 AD: I don’t believe in ONE perfect bag. Instead, I preach the perfect bag for every occasion.

Tell us a little bit about the philosophy at Lexdray and how did you get your name?

AD: Coming up with a name and logo for your company can be a difficult decision for any entrepreneur. The name of the brand went through a few iterations prior to launch, but ultimately I decided to play off my name, Alex Drayer. My initials are AND, so we figured an ampersand logo was an appropriate fit, but I flipped it upside-down as I preferred the look. Overall the philosophy of Lexdray revolves around travel and the search for inspiration. These themes, as well as our four principles (function, style, quality, and innovation), are all paramount to our brand aesthetic.

What is your favorite bag in the collection? 

 AD: I’ve put so much time, thought and energy into every Lexdray accessory that it’s hard for me to choose a favorite. The one Lexdray piece that I take on every single trip regardless of where I’m headed is our Dubai Travel Case Everyone I know who has this item loves it, men and women. While it has a variety of uses, it’s our version of a toiletry case. Because of its size and functionality, it’s a special piece.

Any travel hacks or advice for our readers? 

AD: My wife’s trick: If you’re traveling with one other person, reserve the window and aisle seats in your row. Hopefully, you end up with the full row.

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If you could make one last trip, where would you go and why? What would be the soundtrack for that trip?

AD: I’m not exactly sure where I’d go, but I guess if it were my very last trip I’d want to head someplace spiritual while testing my limits. I’d listen to the Lexdray City Series.

How does music intersect with the Lexdray brand? It seems that you are very rooted around creative types from DJs to photographers.

AD: Music is a passion of mine, so I’m always looking for unique ways for Lexdray to be more involved in the music world. We’ve really just been fortunate to cross paths with influencers in the music community over the past few years. They tend to travel a ton and therefore require functional, durable product like ours. This has lead to the completion of some successful collaboration projects with partners such as Red Bull, Tony Royster, Jr. and SOL REPUBLIC. Our project with Red Bull was also a catalyst for our MUSIC City Series which currently has over 1 million plays on our Soundcloud page alone. The success of the DJ series leads to our recently launched PHOTO City Series which is just getting started, featuring some of our favorite photographers from around the world.

What do you think sets Lexdray apart?

 AD: Details.

The Lexdray Ibiza DJ Bag Review 

Chicago - one of 5 stops on the test tour.

Chicago - one of 5 stops on the test tour.

Style: Backpack / Carry On

The Ibiza DJ pack was designed with the DJ in mind but easily fits the bill for most travelers traveling with computers, cameras, electronics, headphones, iPads, etc. 

The case has three main pockets, one for a laptop/ipad, one center section that works well for some clothes and the gear compartment with a nice pocket system that is perfect for cameras, headphones, and other electronics. There are also three smaller pockets on the exterior, two in the front and one in the back that is perfect for valuable items like wallets, passports, etc. 

The bag features five rubberized feet at the bottom of the bag so that when you set it down it always stands upright, which is HUGE. So many times I've had backpacks that just fall over flat, so this is a well thought out detail for DJs and photographers or people that just want quick access to their gear.

The build quality is also phenomenal with soft linings on the laptop and external pocket, beefy zippers, well-padded straps and a bulletproof 1680D ballistic nylon exterior that will take years of wear and tear. Other details I loved were the handle on the top which allows you to easily grab it like a tote and the ability to perfectly slide it under an airline seat. 

The Lexdray bag easily compares with luggage companies like Tumi and in my opinion is better thought out for DJs and electronics nerds. The caveat here is that you are paying for this quality, the Ibiza DJ bag is coming in at around $425 MSRP but is well worth the cash if you are a serious traveler looking for a piece that's going to last. 

Pros: Tough, great for electronics, well designed, stands upright

Cons: It's spendy, so amateurs need not apply

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