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Weedsday Playlist: CEO Garyn Angel Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play
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Gayrn Angel

Garyn Angel is an award-winning financier, inventor, and philanthropist from Port Richey, Florida, and the founder and CEO of His flagship invention is the Botanical Extractor, the world's first countertop appliance designed to infuse the essence of herbs into foods. While still serving clients as a financial planner in 2011, Angel conceived the device to help a severely ill friend prepare a natural herbal remedy.

When his friend enjoyed great relief using the prototype, Angel knew he had found his passion. He sold his successful financial practice to concentrate fully on developing his vision of a healthier planet. The importance of his growing enterprise was recognized internationally in 2014, when he was included on the prestigious CNBC NEXT List, an exclusive compendium of the top visionary leaders who will shape global commerce over the next 25 years. Qualifying for this award places an executive among the world's most influential business minds.

In addition to cultivating success, Angel is passionate about sharing his gain with others. His charity, Cheers to Goodness Foundation, makes life a little easier for children and families suffering needlessly for lack of extracts from common, abundant plants. Some who are burdened with heavy medical and relocation expenses receive monthly assistance from Cheers to Goodness.

 The charity is a natural outgrowth of one man's impulse to give critically ill kids a fighting chance and educate the world about the benefits of healthy herbs. Inspired by Garyn’s charismatic vibes and charitable ways, MAGNETIC asked the CEO to curate this week’s Weedsday Playlist for your next smoke sesh.

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“I Think God Smokes Weed” by Echo Movement

The first time I heard this song, TeamMB was working the entry gate at Seattle Hempfest. The song kicked ass, and we started grooving. Greeting 100,000 attendees in three days was easy because “I think God Smokes Weed and he was high when he made me.” This song should have been a bigger hit.

“MagicalButter Theme Song” by Ralph Cacciurri

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Ralph Cacciurri has been a friend for years. He's a ridiculous music producer with four GRAMMYs (Alicia Keys, Outkast). We shipped him a few MagicalButter machines to use/giveaway in the recording studio. He cut the MagicalButter Theme Song as a surprise gift. Ralph and I hung out last week on Clearwater Beach. We got drunk and decided to make an entire album. You heard it here first. The MagicalButter feature album will win Ralph his 5th Grammy.

“Eazy Duz It” by Eazy E

My rap jams growing up were Eazy-E, Doug E Fresh, and Biggie. When the classics come on, I start rapping. If you squint hard as I'm flowing, you might think Eazy is in the house. If you can keep your eyes open during my set, the choreographed dance moves provide the full experience.

“Small Town” by John Mellencamp

I live in a small town, and John Cougar was my dad's jam when I was as a kid. His Cadillac Coupe DeVille would blast this and Foreigner. Small towns and farmers hold a special place in my heart to this day because of the Farm Aid Concerts and Mr. Mellencamp. 

“Happy Together” by The Turtles

My wife is the best person I have ever met. We are a happy fun loving couple, a bit goofy, and usually smiling ear to ear. When we needed to pick our wedding song, it had to be “So Happy Together.” Music is best when you sing. Sing this classic to your better half as you are driving and you will both smile.

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