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Weedsday Playlist: NugTools’ Jennywakeandbake Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play

“Whoever dreamed up this tool is kind of a mad cannabis super genius,” MAGNETIC exclaimed last year, like a bunch of giddy fankids, when reviewing the Nuggy by NugTools. Referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife for Stoners,” the Nuggy recently re-appeared in our Father’s Day gift guide, alongside high-minded favorites Cannador, MagicalButter, and CannaSmack.

Clearly smitten with the idea of a 10-in-1 multi-tool geared toward the cannabis friendly, we fell head over heels for NugTools ambassador Jenny WakeandBake, who wields a Nuggy like no other, as seen here in one of her many entertaining Youtube videos.

In addition to reppin’ one of the hottest brands in the cannabis industry, Jenny is a professional lifestyle photographer, content creator, and social media influencer. After graduating from photography school, feeling rather lost, Jenny worked in a variety of photographic fields but never felt like one really stuck and made her happy. It was not until she started a simple Instagram account to connect with fellow medical marijuana (MMJ) patients, that Jenny realized it could grow into something more tangible.

After becoming a MMJ patient to help mitigate symptoms of anxiety, Jenny created a Youtube channel called “Jenny WakeandBake,” where she shares her day to day life as a MMJ patient and gives others a place to hang when they may not have a friend to sesh alongside.

When her camera is not glued to her face and she’s not sharing her favorites tunes for blazing jays, Jenny spends time hiking, canoeing, and exploring the great outdoors with her dog, Griswold.

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy these five fun festive selections from Jenny WakeandBake!

“Thank You For Sending Me An Angel” by Talking Heads 

Talking Heads is the soundtrack to my life. David Byrne just gets me, but this one in particular makes my heart sing. Picture four grown ass men stomping around and flailing their arms yelling the words “Oh, baby you can walk, you can talk just like me” while splashing around in a river on a 90 degree day (if you’ve ever seen the Stop Making Sense tour movie, it's a lot like that). God, I miss those summers. Laying on the hot rocks on the edge of the river, rolling up doob after doob, just watching the clouds sail across the sky.

“Rainbow In The Dark” by Das Racist

I used to have a gardening job and all I would listen to was Das Racist, all day long. I would garden at this one house with a giant hilly backyard that had gardens with secret little paths cut through them. The owners were never there because it was probably one of the three houses they owned. 

I used to listen to Das Racist and smoke a joint on my lunch break, tucked away in the little hidden sitting areas in the garden. I would start to laugh because Das Racist has this great silly yet sophisticated way about things that I could relate to versus all these “hard” rappers who talk about cocaine and guns and chains...

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Face to Face / Short Circuit by Daft Punk

This is probably the first group I listened to after I started smoking cannabis. I remember my boyfriend (at the time) bought Alive 2007 for me; I thought that was better than jewelry. We would listen to that album and smoke this “bong” he made from a six flags cup. Man, thinking about this is bringing up all the ways we used to make “homemade” smoking devices.

“The Corpse Plower” by Buckethead

One of my earliest memories as a cannabis consumer is sitting in the backseat of my brother’s Subaru Outback, smoking big ol’ doobies and listening to this song bump through his two 12 inch subs. I had a hard time making friends, rarely felt understood, and was rather shy. My brother was my mentor growing up. He used to sit me down and we would listen to music and explain the history of different bands and genres (a lot like that scene in School of Rock) and then would burn me a new mix to listen to.

“Give Me A Try” by Sizzla 

Sizzla Kalonji, my man! When I listen to Sizzla, I close my eyes and feel the sun hit my face and listen to the rustling of the leaves in the trees and the world is at peace for me. Out of all the people on this list, Sizzla is the one I would want to sesh with the most. When I was in High School and having a rough time, I remember this kid came up to me and put headphones on my head and was like, “Just relax man. Listen to the sweet sounds of Bob.” 

I remember being wicked aggravated and thinking, “Get this stupid stoner away from me.” But instead, I just listened to Bob Marley’s words and I was like, “Yah, we are gonna chase them crazy bald heads.” No, I am kidding. But, it made me realize my problems were ones I was manifesting through anxiety, and there was so much beauty and peace with in the world. I was blind to it because I was too angsty to take a second to calm down, hit the joint, and just breathe.

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