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Will Whiney - Med School friend and bass-t buddies with Keeno is carving out his corner with the launch of 12-track gold, Talisman. As the follow-up to 2016's debut EP, Stranger Tides boasts not only collabs with proper dudes like Urbandawn, but props from the likes of D&B demon-gods Noisia. Putting his taste to the test, we collared Whiney to do our dirty work and pick out his personal top 10 tracks of the week for our chart.

Catch Whiney going to back to back with Keeno at the Hospitality Garden Party this weekend or else jam on the Talisman pre-order buzz here... 

"Talisman" - Whiney

Eastern inspirations drew this track out of me. I didn't want it to be a typical roller and what you're left with is a mysterious, howling and developing beast! 

"I Don't Wanna Wake Up" - Makoto ft. Karina Ramage [Hospital Records]

Been excited to hear Makoto's album ever since the Hospital announcement - and it didn't disappoint. Haven't been able to get the vocal out of my head all week.

"Brutal D" - Kid Drama [Metalheadz]
One of the most gorgeous string breakdowns I've heard in D&B in a while. Really fun to mix with too!

"Like What" - Urbandawn [Hospital Records]

Absolute monster tune from the talented Brazilian. Sounds humongous on a system and has that unmistakably crunchy Urbandawn sound.   

"Empath" - Keeno [Hospital Records]
Everything I love about Keeno's music summed up in one tune. Smart, uplifting and led with his trademark piano.

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"Cold Wave" - S.P.Y [Hospital Records]

Really digging Carlos' new sound and this was the stand out of his 2 EP releases so far. Sounds like trance infused jump-up and I like it!

"Blej" - Halogenix [Critical Music]

Outrageous. Certified club killer. Lives up to the title.

"Fuck With Myself (Ivy Lab Remix)"- Banks

Haven't stopped listening to this since it went online. Full of the infectious Ivy Lab sound I can't get enough of. They inspired me a lot on Talisman!

"Bullet Proof Vest" - Krakota [Hospital Records]

Possibly my favorite Krakota tune to date. Crisp production, and a nice balance between music and roller- making it an awesome tune to listen to in the club or at home.

"Never Too Long" - Whiney (ft. Keeno)

I've known Will for seven years now and it feels great that we've finally got a track on one of my releases. Love the roller and musical balance in this one which highlights both of our styles.

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