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Zurich Designates Techno As 'Intangible Cultural Heritage' With UNESCO

Switzerland's biggest city recognizes its musical heritage

Zurich is undergoing a transformation to restore and upgrade various cultural centers, traditions and ideas in the city. One of those traditions as outlined by UNESCO, the UN organization tasked with protecting world culture and designating world heritage sites, is techno. The genre is being labeled part of the city’s “intangible cultural heritage.”

According to a report in Limmattaler Zeitung, techno is one of 35 different new additions to Switzerland’s notable cultural traditions.

“The development of techno culture in Zürich, with the Street Parade and a very distinctive club scene, lends Zürich a young, open, hedonistic and international reputation,” noted Walter Leimgruber, a member of the persuading committee and a professor of cultural studies at the University of Basel to the paper.

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Street Parade was launched in 1992 and has seen just about every big name DJ under the sun perform to nearly a million attendees in recent years. 

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