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Festivals are a place where you will meet some of the most colorful people in the world. Camping festivals package that and inject it with steroids as you have generally the same group of people living on the same plot of land seeing the same artists over an extended period of time. There develops a community around this and the characters that come to this community can be wild. Camp Bisco is a festival not known for its fashion or its scenery like Electric Forest or Coachella, but the people there still offer a view into the other side of a festival that isn’t just thumping bass and big production. We have the photos to prove it -- 31 of them to be exact.

We have a collection of photos that show that other side of Bisco from the attendees to the pool to the sunsets around the stages. See the 31 photos above in the photo gallery.

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All photos taken by Brian C McGuffog. Check him out on his website or Instagram

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