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AWAKEN Will Wake Up Your Arousal

The latest from FORIA Pleasure provides an experience that lives up to the name

During my trip to Boulder last year, I got to try lots of new goodies, one being FORIA Pleasure, also known as the famous THC-infused personal lubricant. After reading review after review, I was eager to try it for myself. And the product really did live up to its hype, but I was shit out of luck once I came home and my supply ran out.

Fortunately, the same company released a similar product, swapping THC with CBD: AWAKEN. The company sent me some samples in exchange for an honest review for Magnetic Magazine.

What I most enjoy about FORIA’s products are their transparency. They use natural ingredients - such as coconut oil, cinnamon, hemp, peppermint, and ginger - so you’re not putting anything into your body that you wouldn’t normally eat. Too often, sex products don’t have the same type of conscious consumption and are filled with chemicals you can’t even pronounce.

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I suffer from vaginismus, which affects my ability to engage with vaginal penetrative sex. PIV intercourse, in my mind, is often associated with pain. Even when I’m not necessarily engaging in PIV sex, it’s still a complicated and uncomfortable experience. However, lubricants can help with arousal. AWAKEN’s formula not only gave me a lube to count on, but also that added layer of relaxation I needed from the CBD.

The verdict? While it will never feel quite the same as its THC counterpart, AWAKEN still provides an extremely pleasurable experience. It will not disappoint.

Foria also offers vaginal suppositories to reduce menstrual cramps and anal ones for - you know. After trying out all of these products, I won’t go into the dirty, but you’ll want to try them out for yourself -especially AWAKEN, if you live in a state without recreational cannabis laws. 

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